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Why Do You Need a Snore Guard?

Have you heard of Snore Guards? About 15% of people have the habit of grinding their teeth or clenching their jaws when sleeping. This condition is called bruxism (or Jaw Clenching).

It often goes undetected until a family member hears the grinding sound or a dentist notices symptoms. If bruxism is diagnosed early enough, it can be treated before it causes significant damage to the teeth. Wearing a Snore Guard may be the answer.

What Kind Of Symptoms Might I Be Experiencing?

If you are suffering from bruxism, you may be experiencing sensitive teeth, chipped teeth, broken fillings, and eroded gums which can lead to bone loss. Most often bruxism is related to stress. At Monterey Dental Centre, we offer multiple solutions for patients suffering from bruxism.

Bruxism can also cause headaches, jaw pain, and earaches.  These symptoms are more commonly referred to as a Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) disorder or dysfunction.  When diagnosed early, bruxism and TMJ disorders can be treated before they cause damage to the teeth, and many patients notice an immediate reduction in their symptoms after starting splint therapy.

After an extensive exam and patient history, we will formulate a plan that is aimed to help resolve bruxism issues. Our office can help to evaluate your symptoms, devise a treatment plan, and work with you to relieve the discomfort of bruxism.

What Are My Snore Guard Options?

Snore guards come in two varieties: over the counter and custom. If you have worn teeth or sore jaw joints, snore guards may be the solution. Custom snore guards are made with maximum fit and comfort in mind and will prevent your upper and lower teeth from mutual destruction if you are grinding your teeth during sleep.

Patients who suffer from Bruxism are advised to speak with their dentist about the benefits of a Snore Guard.

We urge you to research what type of Snore Guard would be best for you, by booking a consultation where we can assess your needs and determine which guard would benefit you the most.

To Care For Your Snore Guard:

  • Ensure that your Snore Guard is cleaned before and after each use with cold water and a toothbrush.
  • On occasion, it is important to clean the Snore Guard in cool, soapy water rinsing it thoroughly afterwards.
  • For transportation, store your mouthguard in a firm perforated container. This will permit air circulation and prevent damage.
  • Keep the mouth guard out of hot temperatures, such as hot water, direct sunlight, or hot surfaces – this will minimize the distortion of its shape.
  • Your mouth guard will have general wear throughout its use, if holes, or tears are visible or if the guard becomes uncomfortable to wear, replace it.
  • Bring the mouth guard to each regularly scheduled dental visit to have your dentist exam it.

If you Suffer Poor Quality Sleep, Snoring, Teeth Grinding or Clenching, or Jaw Pain,
you may need a Snoreguard (Nightguard)!

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