Oral Surgery

Why is Oral Surgery Required?

Ideally, your permanent teeth are meant to last a lifetime. However, there are a number of reasons why tooth extraction or oral surgery may be required. A very common reason involves a tooth that is too badly damaged from trauma or too decayed to be repaired.

The most common form of oral surgery in dentistry involves a single tooth or multiple tooth extraction. This also includes wisdom tooth extraction, which may be a necessary under certain circumstances to provide relief for you or a family member in order for them to maintain good oral health.

At Monterey Dental Centre in NE Calgary, we are able to perform oral surgery for teeth extractions right in our NE Calgary Dental Clinic. You will enjoy the comfort and familiar surroundings of our dental practice to ease you through the oral surgery process. If you suffer from dental anxiety, we also offer Sedation Dentistry options to help you get the dental care you need.

Our friendly Dental Team is here to answer all of your questions and concerns. We encourage you to book a consultation appointment with one of our experienced dentists who will be happy to explain your treatment options in greater detail.

About Crowded Teeth

Some Reasons Why Oral Surgery May Be Required:

  • Infection
  • Reduce the Risk of Infection
  • Periodontal (Gum Disease)
  • Crowding
  • Wisdom Teeth Extraction
  • Baby Tooth Removal

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Why is Extraction of Teeth Needed?

Your wisdom teeth are usually the last teeth that emerge, at around the age of 18. Depending on how they grow, your wisdom teeth may need to be removed to relieve pain or to prevent future dental problems. Wisdom tooth removal is not always necessary, however, it is a myth that wisdom teeth always need to be removed.

Wisdom teeth generally need to be removed for one of the following reasons:

  • They are emerging tilted, sideways or even twisted
  • The wisdom teeth are “impacted,” or don’t have enough space to emerge
  • An infection has occurred
  • Periodontal tooth decay may be occurring because the teeth are hard to reach when brushing or flossing

With options like Sedation Dentistry available, there is no need to experience anxiety relating to wisdom tooth extraction. Both anxiety and discomfort are minimized significantly using modern Sedation Dentistry techniques. Learn more about Sedation Dentistry at Monterey Dental Centre.

Recovering from your wisdom tooth surgery is also not as difficult as it may seem. By closely following the instructions given to you by our dental team, before and after your wisdom tooth removal, you’ll be surprised at how quickly you heal and recover from surgery.

At Monterey Dental Centre, NE Calgary Dentists, we believe in doing everything possible to save your existing teeth. However, when we have exhausted all other treatment options due to either tooth decay or fractured teeth, the final option  may only be tooth extraction.

Sometimes when a child is in the process of losing their baby teeth, there may not be enough space in the mouth for the newly emerging permanent teeth. Permanent teeth could come in right up under the baby teeth. It’s possible that a baby tooth and the adjacent baby teeth may need to be removed to allow the permanent teeth to emerge correctly. Fortunately, permanent teeth usually move into the right position once space is available.

If a new permanent tooth is emerging behind a baby tooth, this often causes parents some alarm. There is no need for alarm. Although it’s not a dental emergency, it is a good idea to bring your child in to see our dentist, who can address the issue and make the corrections necessary to help your child’s teeth grow into position correctly.

It seems confusing to some that some teeth may need to be extracted to allow for other teeth to move into their proper positions. Where there is not enough space for teeth to move into correct positions, orthodontic treatment can succeed.

Indeed, after a patient completes orthodontic treatment, a patient’s smile will look much better with straight, uncrowded teeth.  When the mouth heals, no one will notice the missing teeth at all! Our goal is to help you every step of the way and to answer all of your oral surgery questions. In doing so, we hope to help you move confidently toward the goal of straight and healthy teeth.

We’re here to answer all of your questions about oral surgery and any of your family dental needs. Please book a new patient appointment with one of our experienced dentists at Monterey Dental Centre, NE Calgary Dentist.

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